Which type of home sauna is the best?

Which type of home sauna is best?

1. Sauna classification:

1. Traditional sauna

The main equipment of the wet sauna room is the sauna stove (SAUNA HEATER), and the volcanic stone is placed on the stove as a heat storage body. When water is poured on the hot volcanic rock, pulsed steam is produced, and the indoor air reaches 70°C to 90°C with a relative humidity of 25 to 35%.

dry sauna

The sauna stove used in the dry sauna is the same equipment as the wet sauna, but it is not watered on the stones, so the indoor air humidity is generally not more than 10-15%, and the air temperature can be as high as 100-110°C.

2. Modern Sauna

Steam saunas and steam herbal saunas are also saunas using wooden boards. The general air temperature is 45℃~65℃ and the relative humidity is 40~65%. It is a mild and comfortable climate environment. It does not have strong stimulation like a traditional sauna, and it can take a long relaxing bath. Add a scent dispenser to the sauna stove, sprinkle with fresh herbs or liquid essence, and their scent will fill the entire sauna room.

Second, the purchase skills of home sauna room:

1. Pay attention to the size: There are two types of sauna rooms, one can be freely moved to any position, and the other can be fixedly installed.

2. Manufacturers and brands: Choose regular manufacturers, regular online malls, etc. Only regular, after-sales services will be perfect, and you will not buy a sauna room. After a few years of use, there are problems with parts and cannot find the original seller.

3. Choose a manufacturer with a good heating source: There are many types of heating sources, and the current advanced heating source is the principle of carbon fiber heating.

4. Choose high-quality leakage current temperature control protection, double protection, if there is water accumulation on the floor of the sauna room (not ordinary sweating), you should choose fully functional equipment such as automatic tripping protection.

5. Choose high-quality wood: There are many kinds of wood, mainly imported from Canada, hemlock and red cedar. The quality can be compared with the naked eye. When purchasing, we should pay attention to screening some manufacturers to use domestic fir, in order to prevent merchants from shoddy.

6. Pay attention to details: A good sauna room is as small as a button. The comfort, flexibility and lifespan of the button will have an impact on the sauna room.
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