Which Type of Sauna is Best for Homes?

Types of home saunas

1. The dry steam room uses electric heating equipment (carbon crystal heating plate, ceramic heater, etc.) to directly heat it with electric energy, which will release heat to increase the temperature in the sauna room, and make people sweat, and the temperature of dry steam is humid. Steaming is high, and the height can reach about 100 °C. Dry steaming is especially suitable for patients with rheumatism because it does not contain water. At the same time, there is no smell of steam. The nose will be more comfortable when steamed, and the breathing will not be stuffy, but the skin will be drier after steaming.

2. The wet steaming room uses a steam pot to boil the water to generate steam, and then sprays it out through the pipeline. The steam generated has plenty of water, and the temperature is generally controlled at about 50 °C. Ladies often choose wet steaming, because the steam is finished. Afterwards, the skin will be rosier and more radiant than before, but there will be discomfort such as suffocation when breathing. Wet steaming also causes the body to perspire. Therefore, more water should be added before and during wet steaming.
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