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Which wood barrel sauna is best?

You don't have to be a member of an exclusive gym or go to an expensive spa for a sauna. If you have the outdoor space and the skills to assemble yourself, you can enjoy thermal therapy in the comfort of your own barrel sauna.

These barrel structures turn your backyard into a spa experience and provide relaxation and wellness benefits. Our buying guide can tell you what you need to know before buying a barrel sauna. We also feature our top recommendations, such as wood barrel sauna, which is a beautifully designed and attractive sauna.

Outdoor saunas are gaining popularity as consumers' preference for health and wellness increases. Beyond enjoyment and relaxation, saunas have been found to provide countless health benefits, such as improving heart health, reducing stress, fighting disease, burning calories, flushing out toxins, and relieving sore muscles.

When shopping for an outdoor sauna, many consumers are looking for a quality product that provides convenient functionality and health benefits while looking great in the outdoor space. As you browse through this article, you'll learn about some of the key features of outdoor saunas and learn about some of the best outdoor saunas on the market.

Types of Outdoor Saunas
Whether you're looking for a traditional steam sauna or a dry heat sauna, there are plenty of options to consider. Traditional Finnish saunas are heated by a wood-burning stove with sauna stones, while dry saunas typically use carbon or ceramic electric heaters to generate heat. Depending on the heat source, different types of outdoor saunas offer users different kinds of health benefits.

Traditional Finnish sauna
Although saunas are popular all over the world, saunas are intertwined with Finnish culture. A traditional Finnish sauna is a steam sauna heated by a wood-burning stove, with or without a chimney. A basket of sauna rocks is heated by the stove, and once the rocks are warm, water is thrown over the rocks to create steam and moisture throughout the sauna.

With most traditional saunas, the user can adjust the temperature to create the ideal atmosphere. The combination of heat and humidity is known to provide health benefits such as improved skin health, clearing congestion, reducing joint stiffness, lowering blood pressure, and more.

dry sauna
Both steam and dry saunas provide health benefits by heating the body, but they do so in different ways. While steam saunas use moist heat and high humidity to create a sauna experience, dry saunas operate at much cooler temperatures and much lower humidity.

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