Who does the best traditional sauna?

Who does the best traditional sauna?

There are many brands of saunas in stores now. No matter which one you buy, as long as the quality is no problem and there is an after-sales warranty, I recommend buying the affordable one.

So what types of saunas are there?

Our store has barrel sauna, outdoor dry sauna, outdoor wet sauna, infrared sauna, etc. Outdoor Saunas are on sale right now, buy now for 20% off.

Which is better, infrared sauna or traditional sauna?

If you follow wellness trends, you may find the saying that an infrared sauna that heats your body with light is better for you than a traditional sauna that uses a stove to radiate heat. In short, this claim is a myth, not supported by any strong comparative evidence.

In addition, we recommend to cool down after a certain period of time after taking the bath, dry your body before you feel cold, rest for 10 minutes, then enter the steam room, stay for a period of time, and then leave the steam room to cool down.
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