Why Choose an Infrared Sauna for Your Home?

Practical fitness: three functions of far infrared

1. Penetration effect - far infrared rays can penetrate the skin of 4--5 cm of the human body, directly act on the deep layers of the body, scientifically replenish the energy of life cells, and regulate the deep physiological functions.

2. Resonance, stimulate the movement of water molecules in the body, increase the oxygen content in the blood and enhance its fluidity, promote metabolism, and comprehensively improve the microcirculation of the human body.

3. At the same time, activated water molecules expel toxins and excess fat from the body with sweat.

4. Improve joint pain;

5. Increase the oxygen content;

6. Promote metabolism;

7. Improve physical fitness;

8. Detoxification and beauty;

9. Fitness and slimming;

10. Physical therapy and health care.

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