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Why choose red cedar, hemlock and other materials for sauna rooms?

Red cedar is also known as Western Red and White, we call it Canadian Red cedar. One of the great features of the Red cedar is its dimensional stability. Natural corrosion resistance protects wood from attack and corrosion by insects and fungi. Good stability, not easy to deform. The service life can reach 30-50 years. It is a natural preservative wood. Especially suitable for particularly dry or humid environments.

According to the characteristics of Red cedar, the following applications are summarized:

1. Corrosion resistance and high humidity resistance: Red cedar core material has good weather resistance. It has very low shrinkage in straight line contact with water. Its unique advantages are often used in hot and humid saunas, very wet swimming pools, bathtubs and outdoor terraces, pavilions, flower stands, wooden fences and other landscape wood products.

2. Unique stability: Sex Red cedar is light in weight, relatively soft, and the heartwood is corrosion-resistant. It is the choice of roof shingles and siding.

3. Unique fragrance is natural and environmentally friendly: Red cedar's beautiful and environmentally friendly natural texture and the unique fragrance of the wood itself can be used in home interior ceilings, wall decoration, background walls, wardrobes, cigar cabinets, home interior furniture and other green formaldehyde-free release, consumers use Very relieved.

4. High density: Red cedar has good density and light texture, which is a good material for piano guitar. The instrument it produces has a warm sound, full midrange, and a unique sound. Red cedar is often used to make guitar tops without saving material. Everyone's ears are different and impressions are different. The prevailing opinion is that the sound of the Red cedar in Western Canada is more

Hemlock is a wood from the cold regions of North America. It is a soft broad-leaved tree with high toughness and is not easy to deform. It can adapt to the cracking and deformation of wood caused by changes in temperature and heat. It has high fat content and excellent moisture resistance. , Beautiful texture, bright color, light and odorless, rich in natural anti-corrosion and insecticidal substances, not easy to rot and moth-eaten, it is an excellent choice for high-end furniture in northern Europe, and it is the world's lowest allergic wood. Those with allergies are the best option.
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