Why do families need a far infrared sauna?

The pace of life of modern people is accelerated, the pressure is high, and the spirit is always in high tension and depression. How to adapt to this fast pace of life, we must achieve reasonable pressure relief, relaxation and self-protection.

Home far-infrared sauna room is a way of leisure and relaxation, which has the functions of detoxification, decompression, pain relief, skin care, and promotion of blood circulation. Allowing people to completely relax their body and mind while enjoying it, and improve the quality of sleep.

What are the characteristics of far infrared rays?

Penetration effect: The special spectrum of far infrared rays enables it to penetrate the surface of the human skin and reach 4-5 mm of the body, directly acting on the deep body, activating the cells and molecules in the human body, and converting the light energy of far infrared into biological Energy, supplement the energy of human cells.

Resonance effect: The normal body temperature of the human body is 36.5 degrees, which is equivalent to far infrared rays with a wavelength of 9.36 microns. The human body is both an emitter of far-infrared rays and a receiver of far-infrared rays. When far-infrared rays act on the human body, they will resonate with the wavelengths of the same frequency, thereby stimulating the movement of cells in the human body.

Warming effect: Under the action of far-infrared rays, human cell molecules are fully activated, and violent movement is produced, which makes the blood in the human body.
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