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Why Your Metabolism Needs Infrared

You’ve probably heard people say, I wish my metabolism were better! We don’t really think about our metabolism much until we notice our pants getting tighter or our bathing suits looking less flattering. But what role does metabolism play in our body’s function? We do know that a sluggish metabolism may affect weight gain. So, if you’ve ever felt a little ‘fuller’, you’re might have wondered, how can I increase my metabolism rate? We’re here to share how your lifestyle plays a part, including why your metabolism needs infrared.

What Exactly Is Metabolism?

Simply put, metabolism is how your body breaks down the food and drinks you consume into energy. Your basal metabolic rate is the energy or calories burned when you simply exist. This includes breathing, cell repairs, circulation, digestion, and even resting, and you need a certain number of calories just for those functions. This process alone uses about one-tenth of your daily calorie intake.

As you age, your metabolism can slow, and some of this is attributed to changes in hormones. Additionally, since muscle mass tends to decrease the older you get and muscle helps burn fat, it makes sense that metabolism is affected by more than just hormones.

Essentially, the two things that can influence the rate of metabolism are your eating habits and movement.

Diet & Your Metabolism

What you eat and how much you eat play into your metabolism. Reducing calorie intake alone is not an ideal way to lose weight. Additionally, yo-yo dieting, particularly starvation diets and then back to regular, can damage the metabolism. According to Cleveland Clinic, “If you restrict calories too much, your body starts to break down muscle for energy. A loss of muscle mass slows the metabolism.”

It’s true that your body structure and muscle mass affect how rapidly you burn calories and how your metabolism functions. This is why when women and men go on similar diets or establish a weight loss routine, men lose weight faster. Typically, men have denser or higher muscle mass which helps naturally burn calories quicker. Of course, there are some keys to a gradual loss of weight that work no matter what your gender.eating health

Keep in mind, many sites promote metabolism-boosting supplements, and they sound like a great quick fix. Unfortunately, these aren’t always FDA regulated and have been shown to provide limited or short-term results. They could also have negative side effects.

Primarily, you want to focus on steadily changing your lifestyle and habits. In order to burn off calories beyond your basal rate mentioned above, you need some form of exercise. Ultimately, you need to incorporate fitness to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Fitness & Your Metabolism

Finding and sticking to a fitness groove can take trial and error, especially if your job or lifestyle is sedentary. Take the first step, as James Brown said, and “Get on up!” Small changes to your everyday habits and routine, such as walking more or taking the stairs, can boost your metabolic rate.

Ideally, you want to find an exercise that you can sustain. Cardio or aerobic activity stimulates your metabolism, and can also lower your appetite, even if short-term. However, don’t forget to include weight training, because as mentioned, building muscle mass will automatically increase caloric burn.
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