Wooden sauna is the best choice

The light wave bath room provides a unique environment of 40~75 ℃. Infrared light waves penetrate the whole body, make the skin generate internal heat, expand pores, sweat a lot, promote metabolism, speed up blood circulation, and bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Metabolites It is excreted with sweat to quickly replenish energy and relieve fatigue. It is an updated product of the current traditional sauna.

The specific heat capacity of metal is small, and the specific heat capacity of wood is large, so if the sauna room is heated, the wood heating is also slower. Sauna rooms are generally made of pine wood. These woods have been degreased at high temperature and have no peculiar smell. If you use metal materials, water vapor will increase its oxidation and corrosion, and plastic products will emit odor. Using wood is an environmentally friendly and safe choice. The traditional Finnish sauna is an all-wood structure. There are three levels of wooden couch built against the wall of the sauna room. The temperature of each level is different. It is normal that the temperature of the sauna room is too high, so only some materials with slow temperature transfer are suitable.

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