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Smartmak Premium Sauna Barrel

Original price $7,699.00 - Original price $9,499.00
Original price
$7,699.00 - $9,499.00
Current price $8,499.00
Style: Hemlock in Wood color

Product Description

Smartmak Premium sauna barrel is a sauna barrel in a class of its own. The execution of this premium sauna barrel in thermowood facilitates the necessary care measures during use. Anyone who loves the gray color of the wood caused by the weather can do without further coats of paint with thermally treated wood. The premium quality makes taking a sauna a special experience. This barrel sauna is not only a visual highlight. - plank thickness 45 mm - thermal wood - arrangement of the sauna benches = straight - rear wall with two double-glazed windows - sauna benches made of thermal pine - footrest below the sauna benches - high-quality entrance door / in full glass version with tinted panes - incl. black roof shingles - incl. pedestal for a comfortable Entry - Delivered fully assembled.

The natural resistance to fungal infestation and animal pests is increased by the fact that certain wood components on which microorganisms thrive are noticeably broken down by the heating process.
The water absorption capacity of the wood decreases. The swelling, cracking or shrinking of the wood decreases. The maintenance effort for the thermal sauna barrels and garden sheds is reduced.
By heating the wood for hours, the moisture trapped in it evaporates.
Pine and spruce are therefore weatherproof: instead of (untreated) a few months, they now last for years.

Brand Name : Smartmak
Main Material : Solid Wood
Solid Wood Type : Hemlock / Red Cedar
Door Glass :8 mm tempered glass
Power : 9KW
Heater :Wood-burning Stove / 6kw Electrical Stove
Voltage : 220V
Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 90°C / 32°F - 195°F
Standard Set :Wood pedestal, wooden barrel, wooden spoon, thermohygrometer, timer, electric heating sauna heater, volcanic stone, explosion-proof light., Sandglass, etc.
Application : Courtyard
Usage : Relax, Health,Keepinf fit,Slimming
Certificate : CE/ETL/SASO/ROHS/ISO9001
Payment Terms: Paypal / Credit card
Warranty : 1 Year
After-sale Service : Online technical support, Free spare parts
Lead time :Since this product is an oversized product, we need a production time of 55-60 days and a delivery time of 30-35 days. The total delivery time is 80-90 days.
If you have other questions about our products, please contact us, we will answer you at any time:

Red cedar

The wood density is high, the wood grain is elegant and noble, it can produce a long-lasting natural wood fragrance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, and the sauna room made of it has the value of collection. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of it is expensive.

Canadian hemlock

It has high wood density, natural wood grain, good texture, corrosion resistance and no deformation. However, the processing technology is complicated and the cost is high, and the sauna room made of the same is expensive.

Sauna Barrels Care instructions
The sauna barrel should be tightened or relaxed from time to time
In the colder seasons, the barrel should be relaxed using the adjustment device. To do this, loosen the nut approx. 4-8 turns. (If the door jams, carefully tap the outer planks outwards with a hammer and a piece of wood)
In the warmer season, the sauna should be tightened. To do this, tighten the nuts slightly (Caution, please stretch a piece of wood between the wooden door frame so that it is not pressed in when the nuts are tightened)
The wood outdoors should be refreshed / painted from year to year depending on the weathering with a wood preservative glaze
The interior should remain untreated
We recommend disinfecting the interior, depending on use
Always put towels on the sauna benches before you start the sauna
If the door jams, you must unclamp your keg using the clamping device
We recommend always putting a 10L bucket of water in the sauna after use so that there is always a certain level of humidity in the interior