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Smartmak Full Spectrum Far Infrared Solid Wood Sauna

Smartmak Full Spectrum Far Infrared Solid Wood Sauna

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Product Description

Brand Name: smartmak
Function: Far Infrared
Feature: Computer Control Panel, With Transom Windows
Main Material: Solid Wood
Certificate: CE/ETL/SASO/ROHS/ISO9001
Max Temperature: 60 ℃
Door: 8 mm tempered glass door
Door handle: Stainless Steel Handle

Product Size:

  1. 1 person 900L*900W*1900H(mm)( 1350W) (2.95' * 2..95' * 6.23')
  2. 2 person 1200L*1050W*1900H(mm) ( 1750W)(3.94' * 3.44' * 6.23')
  3. 3 person 1500L*1200W*1900H(mm) ( 2100W)(4.92' * 3.94' * 6.23')
  4. 4 person1800L*1200W*1900H(mm) ( 2700W)(5.91' * 3.94' * 6.23')
Net weight: 100kg~178kg
Heater: Full Spectrum and Carbon Panel
Control Panel: Soft Touch Control Panel
Application: Apartment & Hotel
Usage: Relax, Health, Keepinf fit, Slimming
Warranty: 1 Year

Standard Configuration:

  1. Material: Hemlock/Cedar
  2. Control panel
  3. Far Infrared heaters(full spectrum and carbon panel)
  4. 8mm tempered-glass
  5. Oxygen Ionizer
  6. LED light, Color Physiotherapy light
  7. USB Radio, MP3, FM
  8. Speaking
  9. Ventilation window

After-sale Service: Online technical support, Free spare parts

Lead time:Since this product is an oversized product, we need a production time of 20-25 days and a delivery time of 30-35 days. The total delivery time is 50-60 days.

If you have other questions about our products, please contact us, we will answer you at any time:

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Products Function

1: Improved circulation and lower blood pressure.
2: Cardiovascular workout.
3: Respiratory benefits.
4: Removal of Toxins and Impurities from the body.
5: Relieved Tension, Stress and Mental Fatigue.
6: Burning Calories.
7: Maintaining clear and healthy skin.

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