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Smartmak Portable Steam Sauna Kit, One Person or Two People for Use

Smartmak Portable Steam Sauna Kit, One Person or Two People for Use

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  • Temperature regulation: 1-9 files
  • Box temperature: 45-65 degrees
  • Time control: 0-99 minutes
  • Power: 900W
  • Rated voltage: 110-120V AC 60Hz
  • Capacity of Water: 2 L

Package Contents:

  • One person sauna box *1
  • Steamer*1
  • Remote control*1
  • Hose*2
  • Carry bag*1
  • Herbal box *1
  • Product manual*1

Note: Do not put essential oil in the steamer,The hose and remote control are in the steamer pot.


  • Portable & Folding: The sauna tent can be folded for easy storage and carrying.

  • Safety protection: The steam generator will automatically cut off when there is no water. It adopts water and electricity separation design, three-hole socket design, and double-layer explosion-proof cover design, which is explosion-proof and leak-proof. Steam pot liner is 304 Stainless steel one-piece molding without welding.( NOTE: Only water can be added in the steamer or it will explode.)

  • Upgrade and innovation: On the side of the sauna room, there is a design that only enjoys the leg sauna. You can also do SPA at home with your family.

  • Hat design: The top of the sauna adopts a hat design, which allows the whole body to be wrapped in the sauna room and enjoy a full-body sauna.

  • Two front pockets: Allows you to put your favorite books or objects around for easy access and storage
  • High-quality materials & multi-layer design: High-quality waterproof materials, waterproof inside and outside, easier to clean. Just wipe it with a towel.

  • Two zipper openings: double inner/outer zipper, allowing you to stretch out your hands to read or use your mobile phone.

How to use our sauna kit?

  1. Take out the folded sauna tent from the carrying bag and open it;
  2. Connect the steamer through the hose. If you need it, you can connect the herbal box in the sauna tent;
  3. Pour tap water into the evaporator chamber up to the highest water level indicated.
  4. Insert the main plug of the evaporator into a convenient socket and set the timer to 30 minutes or more.
  5. The evaporator will start to produce enough steam for the sauna in about 10 minutes. You can now set the timer according to the sauna time you want. Most people choose the sauna for about 20-40 minutes.
  6. After use, be sure to wipe the inside of the cover with a dry cloth, and don't let it get wet. The same is true for sauna tents.
  7. Fold the tent and put it in a carrying bag.

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