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Ancient Chinese Sauna Culture, Royal Health Sauna


Sauna, as a long-standing health preservation method, has a rich tradition in China. Especially in the royal court, sauna is regarded as an elegant way of health preservation, providing a way for members of the royal family to relax their body and mind.

In ancient China, sauna was called “han zheng”, which was not only a health therapy but also seen as a social activity. Members of the royal family and nobles often gathered in the sauna rooms in the palace, enjoying the benefits of sweating and exchanging thoughts and experiences. Sauna rooms were typically built with stones and wood, beautifully decorated, and equipped with unique stone tubs and wooden seats.

In the sauna room, people are surrounded by high temperatures, promoting sweating and metabolism through steam and hot air. This therapy is believed to help eliminate toxins from the body, improve blood circulation, and help relieve muscle fatigue. In addition, sauna is considered beneficial for the skin, helping to keep it soft and smooth.

In addition to these health benefits, a unique feature of the sauna in the royal court was the use of herbal steam. Members of the royal family often used various herbs and plants in the sauna room to enhance the therapeutic effects. For example, they would use mugwort and cinnamon to promote blood circulation, and lavender and jasmine to relax the body and mind.

During the sauna process, people can also receive massages and body tapping therapy to further promote blood circulation and relax the muscles. These therapies are usually provided by specialized masseurs who provide personalized care based on individual needs and preferences.

In summary, royal health sauna played an important role in ancient Chinese culture. It was not only a way of health preservation but also a social activity and part of cultural heritage. The benefits of sauna are widely recognized and still loved and sought after in modern society.

I hope this brief email provides you with some understanding of ancient Chinese sauna culture. If you have more interest in this topic, I encourage you to further explore and learn.

Wishing you good health in body and mind,

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