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Best Places to Install Your Home Sauna

Best Places to Install Your Home Sauna

For example, you have to decide where exactly your new sauna should go. This decision is crucial. If you want to maximize your relaxation and enjoyment, you’re going to want to find the perfect spot to place your big purchase. We’ve created this list of the best places to install a home sauna to help you out!

In the Garage
If you’ve got the space in your garage, Garages are easy to ventilate, they offer extra space for cooling down, and you won’t have to worry as much about moisture without flooring to look out for.

Because garages are typically low-traffic areas, you’ll get a bit more privacy in the garage than in some other places. If that’s important to you, this might be your ideal spot!

In the Attic
Oftentimes, attics are the most underused part of a home, which means there’s a good chance that yours would make a perfect place for a sauna.

Make the most of your space by setting it up as an area for peaceful relaxation. Attics also tend to be warm, so you don’t have to worry about stepping out of that series sauna into chilly air.

In the Basement

If you’ve got a corner in your basement that does nothing but collect dust, then you’ve got some prime real estate for your personal sauna, particularly for electric or infrared saunas.

The basement can offer plenty of privacy and convenience, but there are a few things to consider before choosing to install a sauna there. You want to make sure that you don’t have any moisture issues and have appropriate flooring. Having a poor foundation beneath a sauna may cause several issues with the apparatus and your home’s structure. Concrete, ceramic, tile, laminate, and vinyl are ideal options.

On the Second Floor
Have an extra room or an unused storage closet on the second floor that you think would be perfect for your series sauna? Go for it! Saunas may seem challenging to transport up a flight of stairs, but it’s typically not too much of an inconvenience at all.

In fact, a second-floor sauna may prove to be the most convenient kind of indoor sauna you can have.

Traditional vs. Infrared Sauna Placement

If you’re planning on installing an infrared sauna in your home, you may be wondering whether there are any notable differences between the ideal place to put it vs. where you might put a traditional one.

Well, the only major distinction is that you might want to place a drain near a traditional sauna, so your ideal areas for placement are a bit more limited. In other words, infrared saunas allow for even more flexibility with where you can put them.
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