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The Stones and their Heating and Placement Methods

Sauna room stone

The sauna room is an ancient and enjoyable therapy that brings many benefits to the body and mind. In the sauna room, stones play a crucial role. This article will focus on the role of sauna room stones, why they need to be heated, and how to place them properly.

Firstly, let’s talk about the role of sauna room stones. Stones serve as the heat medium in the sauna room and have excellent insulation properties, allowing them to maintain high temperatures for a long time. When the sauna stove heats the stones, they absorb heat and release it in the sauna room, creating a warm and comfortable environment. Additionally, the stones help maintain humidity, keeping the air in the sauna room moist. The insulating and humidifying characteristics of the stones are essential for creating an ideal environment in the sauna room.

To make the most of the stones’ role, we need to heat them. There are several reasons for heating the stones. Firstly, heating increases their temperature, allowing them to release more heat This results in higher temperatures the sauna room and better therapeutic effects. Secondly, heating helps evaporate moisture on the surface of the stones, ensuring appropriate humidity in the sauna room. Lastly, heating also helps remove dirt and bacteria from the stones, keeping them clean and hygienic.

Before heating the stones, we need to choose suitable ones. The commonly used stones in sauna rooms are granite or basalt because they have excellent insulation and high-temperature resistance. Additionally, we should select stones with smooth surfaces and no cracks to avoid any hazards during the heating process.

When placing the stones, we need to pay attention to proper arrangement. Firstly, distribute the stones evenly above the sauna stove. This ensures even heat distribution and uniform temperature throughout the sauna room. Secondly, we can also place some stones at the bottom of the sauna room to increase radiant heat. This way, even in the lower positions, people can feel the warm heat. Lastly, to maintain the stones’ humidity, we can sprinkle water on them to generate steam.

It is important to note that the placement of stones should comply with the design and safety regulations of the sauna room. When placing the stones, avoid stacking them too high to prevent them from slipping or becoming too heavy, which may cause danger. Additionally, there should be a certain distance between the stones and the sauna stove to prevent the stones from overheating and cracking.

In conclusion, sauna room stones play a significant role in sauna therapy. By heating and placing the stones properly, we can create a comfortable, warm, and humid sauna environment, helping the body and mind relax and recover. Therefore, in the construction and use of sauna rooms, we should pay attention to the selection, heating, and placement of stones to ensure the effectiveness and safety of sauna therapy.


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