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The 5 Best Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas for 2022


Once you decide you want to get an infrared sauna, the research and volume of information online these days is so overwhelming it can be really difficult to figure out what type of infrared sauna is best for you.  There are so many questions to consider: What's this EMF stuff all about? Should you go with far infrared or near infrared?  What about full spectrum?  We've covered some of those topics in other articles, but this one is for those who have settled on a full spectrum infrared sauna and just don't know which one to go with.  First we'll cover the difference between the different spectrums, and then jump into the the best full spectrum infrared saunas on the market today.  



As we discussed in our article here, infrared saunas use infrared light to directly heat your body.  There are three different spectrums of infrared light that a sauna may use to produce heat: near, mid and far.  They all heat your body directly, but provide slightly different benefits.  A full spectrum infrared sauna uses all three spectrums of infrared light to heat your body so you experience the distinct benefits that each spectrum provides.  

Because full spectrum infrared saunas produce all the benefits you could ever experience from an infrared sauna they've gained in popularity over the years.  They are typically more expensive because the infrared heaters they use are more advanced and use all three spectrums, but for most people the additional cost is totally worth it.   

For a quick primer, below are the different benefits derived from the three spectrums of infrared light, from far infrared, to near to middle: 



By far the most popular type of infrared sauna outside of a full spectrum infrared sauna.  The far infrared spectrum has the longest wavelengths between the three spectrums and are thought to penetrate the body the deepest, at about 5MM, where toxins are stored.  Far infrared saunas cause your body to sweat the most by flushing out the toxins deep in our bodies. 

Far infrared wavelengths also help improve blood circulation and skin complexion, promote cardiovascular health and help detoxify the body.   



Near infrared light is the closest to the visible light spectrum.  Most of the sun's rays are near infrared.  These are the shortest infrared wavelengths, and are though to just penetrate under our skin, removing toxins, oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Near Infrared light waves also generally emit the lowest amount of EMF, or electric and magnetic fields.  Near infrared light helps boost the metabolism, increase energy and cell regeneration, and helps reduce inflammation.   

Near infrared therapy is even used in veterinary practices to treat fractures and sprains and to speed up the healing of wounds.  



Middle infrared is the least popular and least known of the three infrared wavelengths in the sauna community.  But middle infrared has a ton of specific benefits. These wavelengths go deeper than near infrared, yet not quite as deep as far infrared wavelengths. They target the soft tissue in our body where inflammation occurs. Middle infrared is great to relieve muscle pain, as well as for strengthening the circulatory system.

Also, when used in conjunction with far infrared light, the middle infrared spectrum stimulates circulation and works to raise your core temperature.  This increases your heart rate and metabolism! 



A full spectrum infrared sauna allows for the best of all worlds, utilizing, as the name suggests, all three spectrums of infrared light.  The three infrared spectrums work really well together and provide benefits together that they do not otherwise produce on their own.  If you want the benefits of all three spectrums, a full spectrum infrared sauna is the best choice for you! 

Below is a list of the best full spectrum infrared saunas on the market today.  Many of the saunas below come in different sizes.  We also selected saunas in different prices ranges and saunas made from different woods so there should be something for everyone.