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Smartmak Outdoor Far Infrared Sauna Room with Recliner

Smartmak Outdoor Far Infrared Sauna Room with Recliner

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Heating Method

Product real shot (Hemlock)

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  • Size and power: 2 people size: 1800*1800*1900mm, power: 3400W/220V

  • Material: Canadian Hemlock/Red cedar

  • Tempered glass thickness: 8mm

  • Operatting Temperature Range: 0°C - 65°C / 32°F - 149°F

  • Configuration: control panel (FM&MP3+USB+Bluetooth), ventilation window, oxygen bar, reading light, temperature sensor, speaker, 7-color physiotherapy lamp, remote control, 8mm tempered glass, door handle.





Equipped with a roof with high waterproof performance, it can perfectly resist the erosion of rainwater.

Ceramic tube and Carbon Crystal Heating Plate

With high performance, high strength, safety and long service life, the far-infrared bio-spectrum emitted by pure ceramic tubes is close to the body's own wavelength and is more easily absorbed.


According to the ergonomic design, it fits the curve of the human spine, making it more comfortable to enjoy.

7 Color Light

A variety of colors are available, and you can switch at will.

Bluetooth Audio

The sauna room is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which supports the Bluetooth connection of a mobile phone, and has a resonance effect, just like a stereo sound.

Wooden Door Handle

The wooden door handle that does not conduct heat is not easy to be hot when opening and closing the door.

Small Skylight Design at The Top

When you feel airtight in the sauna, you can open the small skylight at the top to breathe.

Temperature Sensor Probe

Real-time detection of the temperature in the room, and a safety protection device for abnormal temperature connection.

Tourmaline Stone

The bottom of the sauna room is equipped with tourmaline stones, allowing you to absorb minerals while enjoying the sauna.


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